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Gender-based violence


Labelled our shadow epidemic and a human rights issue, gender-based violence (GBV) sadly remains a dreadful reality. Stopping it will take more than just creating awareness, we need to understand why it is happening and deal with the root causes. Craig explores the reasons men abuse and outlines the actions we can and need to take to overcome GBV.

Band of Brothers


There is great deal of confusion and negativity around masculinity and the role of men in society today. Understandably masculinity has come under a lot of fire with hashtags like #menaretrash and much talk about toxic masculinity. This is designed to deal with all of this. It equips and inspires men to be good men, role models, mentors and fathers who contribute to the building of a safe and prosperous world for all and stand against any form of abuse.



Everyone is capable of living a life of excellence yet sadly so few people do. Learn the practical and inspiring principles of excellence and how to apply them to every aspect of life at work and at home. You will be inspired to reject mediocrity forever!

Understanding Men and Women


Men and women are equal yet stunningly different. Gain deep insight into what lies at the core of the masculine and feminine soul, why we behave the way we do and how we can live fully alive and in harmony as men and women to co-create a beautiful world – at work, at home and the world at large.

It’s a Dad!


A practical workshop to equip expectant dads for their partner’s pregnancy, the birth of their child and the early days of fatherhood. Men play a crucial role during pregnancy and childbirth yet very few men know and understand what is required of them during this time.



No-one has a greater impact on a child’s life than their parents. Discover the key principles of great parenting, how to deal with the impact your own childhood had on you and how to apply this knowledge to become more effective in every aspect of your life.



Fathers are the most important and influential men in their children’s lives. Discover the twelve key principles of great fatherhood and how to become the man and dad your children need you to be.

Authentic Masculinity


True masculinity is a powerful and beautiful force for good. Discover what true masculinity is, why men do the things they do and how men can live with authentic masculinity in today’s world. Both men and women benefit enormously from these insights.

Personal effectiveness


Radically improve your personal effectiveness by discovering the principles of managing yourself and your interpersonal relationships. The best leaders and most effective people in the world have mastered these two crucial areas of skills.


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