On our final episode of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we take this opportunity to honor and highlight Craig Wilkinson as a leader and advocate for change and role model in, Leading For Change.

Craig shares his early childhood memories growing up in Johannesburg, travelling around various countries with his family and schooling in Botswana. We unpack some unfortunate incidents that led to suicide in his family, inspiration for his work through Father A Nation and how much his faith has helped him through some of life’s most challenging moments. An avid mountain biker and all round great guy, we discuss how he spends his time when relaxing and find out where he draws some inspiration to keep moving in his purpose and while doing his highly important but selfless work.

Topics we cover on the show:
  • 01:40  -Early life in Johannesburg, Durban, Botswana and New Zealand,
  • 03:00  – difficult upbringing , studies and building a career in commerce,
  • 03:50  – Details surrounding suicide in the family caused by lack of approval,
  • 05:04  – Faith and becoming a father inspired change,
  • 06:12 – Life and challenges test you and force you to introspect and change,
  • 10:07  – An unfortunate incident that led to the formation of Father A Nation,
  • 13:30  – Worst examples of masculinity,
  • 15:36  – Getting lost in nature and connecting with good men as a great source of re-energizing and relaxing,
  • 17:25  – Utilizing your potential and impacting others to achieve success,
  • 18:42  – Overcoming setbacks and navigating through the failures,
  • 20:30  – impact of Wild At Heart by John Aldridge on Craig’s life,
  • 22:35  – Why have men left the church and stopped following faith,
  • 26:07  – How to deal with the unpopular opinion of speaking of masculinity in a positive light,
  • 28:03  – Learning and forming an opinion before spreading the wrong message about masculinity or feminism,
  • 28:48  – Leaving a legacy and Craig would like to be remembered,
  • 30:49  – Six Pack Of Champion Virtues course details