On our fifth episode of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we combine the last two virtues, How To Mentor The Next Generation & How To Make The World A Better Place.

We look at the role older men play in equipping young boys with the right tools to help them navigate life and live in harmony with others. Looking into the state of masculinity, we discuss how demonizing traditional men has led to older men not sharing their story and experiences to the youth.  We also look the language around masculinity and point out how it can lead to negative stereotypes. We highlight the difference between teaching and making men. We end off our conversation by reminding men that in order for us to leave the world in a better state than we found it, we need to give more than we take and we need to find and live our purpose.

Topics we cover on the show:
  • 02:32  -Defining what mentoring,
  • 06:00  – When unlikely people mentor and support their community,
  • 09:05  –  Toxic women on social media adopting false values of masculinity,
  • 10:11  – How the traditional man has been demonized in modern society and how the story of men is being forgotten,
  • 12:17 – Young boys turn to the streets for guidance when fathers are not leading and teaching them,
  • 13:30  – The language around masculinity being too modernized and confusing to men and women,
  • 16:33  – The problems caused when uninitiated men initiate young boys,
  • 20:50  – The difference between teaching and making a man,
  • 25:32  – How peers and people men meet in life enhance or detract from a man’s masculinity,
  • 28:46  – Men being ashamed to come out and stand behind their manhood to teach and mentor others,
  • 33:30  – Finding our purpose and living it out to affect positive change in the world,
  • 35:33  – The portrayal of men in the media and how we can elevate the simple and real everyday people who serve their community,
  • 40:42  – Where can men find solace and a place to connect with men like them to help them elevate,