On our fourth segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we discuss How To Build Your Band of Brothers.

Research shows that men are lonely. They have company, but they lack connection. We easily share a beer with other men but struggle to share our hearts. We start off by discussing how men need to embrace brotherhood and build strong, healthy and accountable relationships with each other. We unpack the 4 keys for Building a Band of Brothers. The first key focuses on how men honour each other by speaking positively into other men’s lives. The second key highlights how men need to sharpen each other by having difficult conversations and creating a space for correcting each other and pointing out blind spots. The third and probably most difficult of them all, we look at vulnerability as a strength and not a weakness, and we discuss how men need to create safe spaces to share each others vulnerabilities. Lastly we look at how men stand for each other as true friends who serve each other.

Topics we cover on the show:

01:50 – What is a band of brothers,

03:19 – The superficial nature of men’s groups,

04:57 – The changing role of men in society,

05:53 – Having a band of brothers through tough times helps men avoid loneliness and suicidal thoughts,

07:44 – How men and women bond,

10:06 – Honoring each other as men,

13:20 – Sharpening your brother by highlighting his blind spots,

14:54 – Speaking your truth at the expense of losing negative friends,

17:18 – Men avoid being vulnerable, open and honest with each other,

20:31 – The journey of man being reminiscent of Jesus Christ’s journey to the mountain,

21:40 – Society making it hard for men to stand up for each other and how men can support each other,

24:23 – Effects of social media on men and how we portray ourselves with our friends,

25:50 – Allowing for redemption and forgiveness for men who did wrong,

26:37 – Expressing love to each other as men,

28:25 – Reminding men that you are enough as you are and there’s no need to pretend,

29:19 – The importance of men looking to each for support and advise,

31:05 – True brothers are not jealous of each other, they celebrate each others success,

31:42 – Multiplying the wins of men

16:26 – Keep doing the work to improve yourself and those around you,

17:33 – Virtue signaling and effects of social media on men and relationships,

19:21 – Speaking and relying on each other as ordinary men to get life lessons,

20:17 – Exercising self control and taking control over your attitude and actions,

25:10 – Walking away from difficult situations and putting self control into practice,

26:43 – Highlighting the next segment where we discuss how to build our Band Of Brothers.

29:06 – Closing statements, do the research and put in the work to better yourself as a man.