On our second segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we take a more introspective look into How Men Nurture Their Fields.

Topics we cover on the show:

02:23 – Every man has a territory and the 4 most important things every man needs to tend to,

04:07 – Taking care of the people in your field and around you,

06:17 – How are we impacting the life of others around us,

08:51 – Take responsibility for the life you brought into this world and form a relationship with your child,

10:39 – Things that stop men from fulfilling their responsibilities,

12:48 – Stop blaming, being humble and being aware for your privilege,

15:47 – Why complaining never brings solutions,

17:02 – Every man needs a reason to wake up in the morning and wants their life to count,1

8:54 – How fear paralyzes men,

19:42 – Getting over laziness as a man,

22:01 – How validation from a father guides and shapes a mans self worth,

24:24 – We need people and mentors who can give us feedback and help shape our knowledge of self,

26:44 – How a man’s sense of entitlement can lead to a disempowered and weak man full of blaming and complaints.

31:47 – Closing statements, do the research and put in the work to better yourself as a man.