31 10, 2021

Is there hope for South Africa?

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I don’t usually add my voice to the political arena but with the state of our nation it’s become impossible to stay silent. Please watch to the end and add YOUR voice to stop the slow, steady destruction of our beautiful country and bring about the change we so desperately need. There [Read more]

15 06, 2017


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Craig and Khalil discuss how we can break out of the man-made construct of racism, embrace our humanity and build a great society together.

15 04, 2017

Overcoming Self imposed Limitations

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Khalil shares his most profound epiphany from his time in prison: “I realised that I was incarcerated before I ever went to prison and if that was the case I knew that I could be free before I was released.” Very few people unlock the full potential that lies within them – [Read more]

12 03, 2017

The importance of mentorship

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The quality of the people we have mentoring us plays a huge role in the level of excellence we achieve. Every man and every woman needs mentors in their lives. Sadly, there is a lack of great mentors and role models.

14 03, 2016

Colourful. Not colourblind.

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This video was made in 2016. Racism and how we identify ourselves as human first is a very important topic to me. Sadly, events at the time this video was made had freshly resurfaced the issue of racism South Africa. Here are myself and Candice Mama's thoughts on the subject. Where do [Read more]


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