7 06, 2022

Dads, Boys and Masculinity

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Dads need to help boys understand and shape masculinity. In years past, fathers were often "there, but not there," according to Craig Wilkinson, a dad of two and founder of Father a Nation, a South African nonprofit that addresses gender-based violence, crime and fatherlessness by restoring and equipping  [Read more]

10 05, 2022

Reach. Teach. Talk: Cultivating Positive Masculinity

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Join Nat and South African author, speaker and social entrepreneur Craig Wilkinson (www.fatheranation.co.za) as they discuss the crucial role men play in the lives of their youth and society. For anyone working with or raising boys in this day and age, their conversation will provide exploration and [Read more]

21 10, 2021

Is There Hope For South Africa? With Vik Rankin

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In Discussion with Vikela Rankin & Craig Wilkinson

16 09, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: Leading for Change

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On our final episode of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we take this opportunity to honor and highlight Craig Wilkinson as a leader and advocate for change and role model in, Leading For Change. Craig shares his early childhood memories growing up in Johannesburg, travelling around various [Read more]

2 09, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: How to mentor the next generation

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On our fifth episode of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we combine the last two virtues, How To Mentor The Next Generation & How To Make The World A Better Place. We look at the role older men play in equipping young boys with the right tools [Read more]

19 08, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: How to build your Band of Brothers

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On our fourth segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we discuss How To Build Your Band of Brothers. Research shows that men are lonely. They have company, but they lack connection. We easily share a beer with other men but struggle to share our hearts. [Read more]

5 08, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: How true men define themselves by character

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On our third segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we discuss How Champion Men Define Themselves By Character. We start off by defining what character means to men and how we can build strong and positive characteristics on our journey to becoming great. We then [Read more]

22 07, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: How men nurture their fields

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On our second segment of the Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series we take a more introspective look into How Men Nurture Their Fields. Topics we cover on the show: 02:23 - Every man has a territory and the 4 most important things every man needs to tend [Read more]

12 07, 2021

Business Fights Poverty: enabling positive masculinity in society and business.

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In a recent survey by YouGov more men between the ages of 18 and 24 viewed masculinity in a negative light than those who viewed it positively. This podcast isn’t some vague, highbrow observation of a societal issue. Craig shares his personal journey as a single dad [Read more]

8 07, 2021

Manned Up Conversations: How men use their strength

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We kick off our Six Pack Of Champion Virtues series with a deep dive into How Men Use Their Strength to help us harness the power of positive masculinity. Topics we cover on this show: 01:26 - The foundation of Father A Nation all about and the work [Read more]

14 06, 2021

Interview with Nikki Bush: Why are Fathers so Important?

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Nikki Bush of @Win at Work and Life Podcast in conversation with Craig about the importance of fathers in society and in their children’s development, as well as the need for positive masculinity in society today. THE CONVERSATION COVERS: How we need to heal men to heal the world [Read more]

3 09, 2020

True Masculinity & Authentic fathering with the “Dad Coach”

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Craig shares his own journey as a dad and his parenting views. We discuss his divorce, what is means to be a man in todays world and how we can empower our sons and daughters. Craig explains how woundedness manifests in children when there is no father figure around, [Read more]

14 05, 2020

Interview on Fatherhood: Thrive with ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil, Jacaranda FM

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DrD' Dorianne Weil from Jacaranda FM speaks with Craig about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders.

14 01, 2020

2Oceansvibe: interview with Susana Kennedy

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Navigating the complex landscape of masculinity and femininity with Susana Kennedy and Craig Wilkinson. Continuing the conversation around gender based violence Susana Kennedy welcomed Craig Wilkinson from “Father a Nation” . Their topic of conversation was Navigating the complex landscape of masculinity and femininity – The once clearly defined roles of men and women in [Read more]

18 09, 2018

Craig and Gareth Cliff discuss Man To Man Talks

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How does a man begin to live true masculinity? Co-host of CliffCentral.com's Man-to-Man Talks, Craig Wilkinson chats to Gareth about this as they cover some of topics raised in the new podcast series.


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