18 04, 2020

Keys to an Excellent Life

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Who doesn’t want their life to count, to suck the marrow out of life, to live large, to be known as a man or woman who makes the world a better place; in short to live an excellent life? I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone does. Yet life doesn’t usually provide [Read more]

16 11, 2019

What does an excellent life look like?

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An excellent life is within reach of everyone. It's not for the exceptionally talented, or lucky, or rich. It's for you. And it starts with a commitment; a commitment to live your life to the full and to maximize the abilities, talents and opportunities you have been given. It’s a commitment that will change [Read more]

26 09, 2017

What stands between you and excellence?

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The quality of our lives is directly proportional to our commitment to excellence. What a statement!  We can directly impact the quality of every aspect of our lives simply by committing to excellence.  Our health, wealth and well-being, how much we get out of life, how much we enjoy life, our level of fulfillment and [Read more]

15 04, 2017

Overcoming Self imposed Limitations

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Khalil shares his most profound epiphany from his time in prison: “I realised that I was incarcerated before I ever went to prison and if that was the case I knew that I could be free before I was released.” Very few people unlock the full potential that lies within them – [Read more]

18 06, 2016

How to Live a Life of Excellence (Part 2) | The Quarter Life Comeback

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"Today I’m back with part 2 of my interview with Craig Wilkinson on The Quarter Life Comeback podcast. In part one,  Craig and I discussed what it means to be excellent, why most of us settle for mediocrity & how to get out of that, as well as the first five keys to living [Read more]

18 06, 2016

How to Live a Life of Excellence (Part 1) | The Quarter Life Comeback

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"Today I’m excited to welcome Craig Wilkinson to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.Craig is a TEDx speaker, author, Dad & Masculinity expert, founder of Father a Nation and a personal mentor of mine. I first came across his work through my involvement with TEDxCapeTown and later through a talk of his which I attended. In [Read more]

1 10, 2014

Better Man Podcast: Why it is not all about power, money and sex.

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 “Craig Wilkinson is on a mission to help men rediscover true masculinity. He is doing so through Father-a-nation and his new book DAD. I enjoyed this interview for various reasons but mainly because Craig truly has a deep understanding of the issues that face men today. You hear it often that masculinity is in a state of [Read more]


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