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20 12, 2021

702 FM Man Torque: Healing Boys and Men

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Tonight, we wrap up our last Man Torque show for 2021 with Craig Wilkinson, Founder and CEO of Father A Nation (FAN), bestselling author, award winning social entrepreneur and motivational speaker and Charles Mpepho, Former Funder and chairperson of the Alexander men's forum now current Snr mentor of [Read more]

10 12, 2021

The Hot Box | MetroFM

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Non-profit organisation Father A Nation has opened its first #NOEXCUSES community centre in Alexandra, Joburg for men and boys. The group believes this empower and educate them  as it believes this is key to ending the cycle of gender-based violence. The organisation hopes the centre will be the first [Read more]

12 07, 2021

Business Fights Poverty: enabling positive masculinity in society and business.

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In a recent survey by YouGov more men between the ages of 18 and 24 viewed masculinity in a negative light than those who viewed it positively. This podcast isn’t some vague, highbrow observation of a societal issue. Craig shares his personal journey as a single dad [Read more]


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