14 06, 2021

Interview with Nikki Bush: Why are Fathers so Important?

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Nikki Bush of @Win at Work and Life Podcast in conversation with Craig about the importance of fathers in society and in their children’s development, as well as the need for positive masculinity in society today. THE CONVERSATION COVERS: How we need to heal men to heal the world Feminising men is not the [Read more]

3 09, 2020

True Masculinity & Authentic fathering with the “Dad Coach”

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Craig shares his own journey as a dad and his parenting views. We discuss his divorce, what is means to be a man in todays world and how we can empower our sons and daugthers. Craig explains how woundedness manifests in children when there is no father figure around, we talk about Craig’s work sibling-led [Read more]

14 05, 2020

Interview on Fatherhood: Thrive with ‘DrD’ Dorianne Weil, Jacaranda FM

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DrD' Dorianne Weil from Jacaranda FM speaks with Craig about equipping men to be great fathers and leaders.

4 04, 2020

Dads in Lockdown

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Things can get really real when you are stuck in the confines of your home for an extended period with your wife and children. But as the most important man in your children’s lives you need to get it right during this tense time. [Read more]

14 01, 2020

2Oceansvibe: interview with Susana Kennedy

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Navigating the complex landscape of masculinity and femininity with Susana Kennedy and Craig Wilkinson. Continuing the conversation around gender based violence Susana Kennedy welcomed Craig Wilkinson from “Father a Nation” . Their topic of conversation was Navigating the complex landscape of masculinity and femininity – The once clearly defined roles of men and women in society have changed drastically over [Read more]

10 01, 2016

Five Resolutions for Dads.

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It’s barely a week into the new year and already so many of the heartfelt resolutions that sounded so good on 1st January are starting to feel a little onerous. And if we’re really honest with ourselves we know many of them won’t last.  Why does this happen every year? We promise ourselves “a new [Read more]

28 12, 2015

Cape Talk interview: Role of Men in Society

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Koketso Sachane played the “Dear Daddy” public service announcement from Care Norway, the Norwegian branch of charity Care International which has gone viral in Scandinavia, and you'll see why if you listen. Koketso also spoke to Craig about the role of men in South Africa and how if we heal men, we will heal [Read more]

25 07, 2015

5 crucial commitments of all great dads

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A father is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first romance – the most important man in their lives. Yet being a great father doesn’t just happen. It’s a conscious choice. In all the work I have done around fatherhood I have noticed a pattern – here are the five things all great fathers [Read more]


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